The protection of Intellectual Property Rights forms an important part of the maintenance of the value of a company’s asset portfolio and goodwill. Our experience in corporate matters allows us to comprehend the importance of protecting Intellectual Property Rights and relate to the need of our clients to effectively protect their intangible assets. The same has also provided us with an insight understanding on how Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs) as well as Sole Traders and Partnerships apprehend Intellectual Property Rights and the value they attribute to the same in the maintenance and expansion of their business. 

Our Intellectual Property Department has been dedicated in protecting all forms of Intellectual Property Rights be it registered such as trademarks, designs, patents and trade names or unregistered such as copyrights or reputable marks. We also handle passing off actions, trademark litigation and arbitration cases and undertake the preparation, drafting, negotiation and advising on all types of Intellectual Property- related agreements. 

Our services are not restricted within the national ambit. In recognising the effects of globalisation and the impact of free movement of goods and services on trade, we offer our clients the possibility of international as well as community trademark applications. Cyprus has been a member of the Madrid Agreement and Protocol to the same as of the 4th of November 2003 and a member of the European Community as of the 1st of May 2004; the same in conjunction with the geopolitical position of the island, allows Cyprus to form the ideal base of a successful market expansion. Further and in a wider context, Cyprus has acceded to all international treaties and European agreements and regulations for Intellectual Property, a few examples being the the Hague Agreement on International Designs, the European Patent Convention, the Community Designs Regulation and more recently opted in favour of the Unified Patent and Unified Patent Court package. 

We pride ourselves for being a one stop service with all inclusive and competitive prices as well as immediate, comprehensive and quality client friendly advice. In conjunction with our extensive associate networks we are of service in all parts of the globe at all times.