We provide a wide range of immigration services from Temporary Residence Permits and Employment Permits (for individuals as well as for executive directors and managerial staff), to Permanent Residence Permits (Category F) and the acquiring of Cyprus Citizenship by Exception. 

As a member of the European Union, with great accessibility to the rest of the EU, excellent infrastructure and numerous governmental incentives, Cyprus is a strong financial and business centre, which makes the acquisition of Cyprus Citizenship appealing to foreign nationals. Our team has extensive experience in Permanent Residence Permits (Category F) and the acquiring of Cyprus Citizenship by Exception and handles a significant amount of individual applications as well as collective applications. 

Non-EU citizens can acquire Cyprus Citizenship by Exception via direct investment in the Republic of Cyprus. Obtaining a Cyprus passport means free movement, residency and access to employment and education within the European Union. Spouses and children up to the age of 28 years old may also be granted Cypriot Citizenship with no further investment. Furthermore, investors have the chance to participate in a special collective investment scheme. 

Our Firm has extensive experience in obtaining Permanent Residency Permits. We provide you with proper consultation and legal advice on the Permanent Residency Scheme. We will consult you on the property market , handle the drafting of contracts and agreements, the collection of documents and the submission of your application and act as liaison with authorities during the examination of the application. Permanent Residency is granted for life to the Non-European nationals who invest in the Cyprus property market and provides you and your family with the right to permanently reside in Cyprus.